After breaking this website in an attempt to add the second entry to the post array, I spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to figure out how to fix it. I still don’t fully understand what went wrong, I just copied the Zonlets templates again and again until everything started working.

For a while, my position on the radio station I’m working for was to run the website. This is why working with HTML isn’t a big deal to me. When I was in that position, I kept on trying to re-organize the template of the website. My dream was to create an original Wordpress theme from scratch. Obviously, that never happened.

Ambition is annoying. You have to be careful what ideas you choose to express, because once you share an idea with someone, they might actually hold you to it. Maybe that’s a part of the whole non-expression thing. What’s there to say?

I remember I was talking to a friend who worked out a lot and I asked him kind of a silly question. I asked: how do get into the habit of going to the gym? Like, nothing about what workouts to do, technique, choosing a gym or anything resembling practicality. Just how do you do it. He kinda just looked at me like uhhh….I don’t know.

Look: this is not like a motivational self-help bullshit kind of blog. I just find this shit to be really interesting. The fact that none of this stuff is complicated or inaccessible (to me) or complex, but yet so elusive. And also sometimes that sense of elusiveness is a part of the illusion, i.e. part of the spectacle.

The emo band Snowing has an album called I Can Do Anything I Wanted if I Wanted, which I think functions as a thesis statement for that album and also emo as a genre.